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May 19, 2022Blog

Why Pennsylvanians support Josh Shapiro for Governor

Now that the general election has started, Team Josh wanted to share with you the reasons why so many Pennsylvanians are supporting Josh Shapiro for Governor in November.

Take a look at all the thoughtful, inspiring answers submitted by Pennsylvanians on why they believe that Josh is the right choice to lead the Commonwealth and take on the big fights for us all.

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Happy reading! Together, let’s win this election.

“Intelligent, consistent, strict on crime, likable, good family man.”
– Joe K., Montgomery

“He has done many of the right things. He finally brought the Catholic Church sex scandals to light and got some form of justice for these abused children. He fought off the lies about the election being stolen. His beliefs are on the right side of the law and he is just an all-around good person who will not allow our state to be run into the ground by the conspiracy theorists.”
–Kathleen S., York

“I support Josh Shapiro’s candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania because he understands the importance of voting rights and democracy.”
–Silvia A., Philadelphia

“Beyond his obvious integrity, he has thought out important solutions for the citizens of Pennsylvania that address their needs, concerns, and the true fairness and justice they all deserve.”
–Dorothy R., Westmoreland

“Because I saw him in action as Attorney General when our election system in Pennsylvania needed to be defended from the assaults of the Trump right. His defense showed me who he cared about.”
–Jeanne S., Allegheny

“Josh has my family’s vote, I think he is the most honest of all the candidates and will do a great job.”
–Dino F., Beaver

“He has a record of supporting the average citizen in the face of big money.”
–Fred H., Westmoreland

“Josh is honest and also a very caring candidate. Josh has the people of PA’s best interest at heart. He is not a boastful man. Josh has shown great leadership skills through two pandemics (opioid and viral) plus a GOP group who could care less about PA citizens and their welfare.”
–Pat V., Cambria

“He acts in honest and honorable ways for the people. He is aware of the money the GOP wants to waste to prove that which we all know is a lie. I believe they are more than a little deranged. He has been willing to talk with the people in Zooms and through TV programs to keep us informed. He is intelligent and appears to want the best for the State and the people.”
–E. W., Franklin

“Because a Republican Governor will be a disaster.”
–Ronald R., Montgomery

“Josh isn’t afraid to take on the biggest fights on behalf of Pennsylvanians: giant corporations, Big Pharma, Republicans trying to erase our votes, and the Catholic church. I’ve known too many people impacted by the opioid crisis. More personally, I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I place my trust of a vote in someone who stands up to those who abuse power, and that’s Josh Shapiro.”
–Jennifer C., Chester

“AG Shapiro seeks justice no matter who is involved, and he supports and defends the US Constitution. Always.”
–Ric C., Berks

“I support Josh Shapiro because first and foremost he is intelligent, sees the big picture, and has integrity. He is transparent in his work — he shows up for the best interest of all Pennsylvanians. He’s our best hope for Pennsylvania and frankly for the general good of our nation.”
–Susan D., Carbon

“When Josh Shapiro is elected Governor he will veto voter suppression legislation and work to keep voting fair and accessible. We can also count on him to protect women’s reproductive health.”
–Ellen D., Allegheny

“Josh Shapiro has been an effective Attorney General for the state of Pennsylvania. He has a vision to protect the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. He will be able to best lead us toward a more just society, which we sorely need.”
–Carol C., Chester

“Josh Shapiro is a dedicated, hard-working, honest person who only wants to improve life for his fellow Pennsylvanians. He is willing to fight the lies and the destruction of our democracy that have become the norm from politicians, who have no business being in the United States government. Josh Shapiro’s record speaks for itself.”
–D. V., Montgomery

“I support Josh Shapiro because he is honest, helped us with health care providers and is stopping the fentanyl issue in our county.”
–Eve S., Allegheny

“By far the best candidate running.”
–Michael B., Luzerne

“I support Josh because he’s actually got integrity and a reasonable platform. Even though I am a lifelong Republican, am more of a moderate than a right-winger. The center of the Republican Party has gone completely daft. The election was not stolen, even though there was a Republican conspiracy to steal it. I like that Josh stands for something besides calling people names. I like what the Democrats are doing!”
–Jim L., Dauphin

“He is honest and cares about the people.”
–Sharon M., Allegheny

“He’s honest, reliable, hard-working, and productive! He’s serious about his work, attentive to the needs of Pennsylvanians, and keeps us informed at every turn. He’s the best candidate ever!”
–Peggy R., Montgomery

“Josh Shapiro is a good and honest person. Josh has stood up to the crooked Republicans, he fought to make certain that our votes counted, and he defended our democracy from Trump’s Big Lie.”
–Dennis H., Allegheny

“I think that Mr. Shapiro is honest and caring. He fights hard and I think that he will continue our advancement. He seems to care about all people.”
–Linta B., Dauphin

“Josh is honest, work-oriented, and driven by facts. He is for the common individual not the millionaire or corporate donors.”
–Richard M., Lackawanna

“Josh represents the good that can happen in government.”
–Linda K., Washington

“Josh Shapiro has been a great friend of Pennsylvanians over the years! As Attorney General, he can always be counted on to take discriminatory and unfair matters to court and fight the battles to defend us. The Governor’s position requires someone with an appreciation of justice and equality, and ideally, someone who has shown an ability to serve the public over time in a responsible and dedicated manner. Additionally, the Governor should be someone who presents himself well in order to represent the people of the state in a dignified manner. Josh Shapiro exhibits all of these qualities, and, in my opinion, is the premier candidate for this position!”
–Maureen M., Franklin

“I am impressed and satisfied by his work as PA AG. He believes as I do in good and honest government in the best interest of all the people of PA. From the ads I have seen on TV it appears that he has a pretty good shot.”
–Bill T., Lehigh