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August 30, 2022Blog

The Team Josh PA App

Some exciting news from Team Josh Shapiro: We’ve launched our very own app, the Team Josh PA app!

You can download it by clicking here if you have an Apple device or here if you have an Android device.

Once downloaded, you’ll see the homepage, with different actions you can take to support the campaign. Let’s walk through some of the features that the app brings to our supporters. 

The coolest feature about this is that it allows you to text your persuadable friends right in the app! You can upload your contacts to see if you have any matches, then text them directly to get them engaged with the campaign. This is the perfect chance to get your friends interested in voting for Josh and make sure they have a plan to vote on November 8th.   

You can also start by joining the Shapiro Squad, an online community of supporters working together to elect Josh Shapiro. Shapiro Squad members will receive weekly digital toolkits with sample posts, graphics, and messaging to share with your social media networks. You’ll also have a direct line to the campaign’s digital staff to brainstorm ideas and get Josh’s message out in your community!

Need a lawn sign? The Team Josh PA app has you covered. To claim your free lawn sign, simply log into the app and request your free lawn sign.

App users also get 15% off on our shop! New merchandise just dropped hot off the press, so be sure to stock up now.

Lastly, you can sign up to be a field captain. Field captains are the people who get the word out about our app and drum up support for Team Shapiro! Field captains are our team’s eyes and ears on the ground, and they are extremely important for getting local communities to the ballot box in support of Josh. Field captains will have the opportunity to meet with someone on our relational organizing team weekly for support from the campaign. Signing up to be a field captain for your local community is easy, and located in the app!

Actions you can take on the app will change weekly, and even daily as we get closer to the election, so be sure to check it often once you get the app downloaded. You never know what you might find.

The Team Josh PA App is going to be instrumental in spreading the word to local communities about the importance of this race. We want to thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you on the app soon. 

Here are the links to download for Apple devices and Android devices.