The Shapiro-Davis Campaign Is Making The Largest Investment Ever In Black Voter Outreach - Shapiro For Governor
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September 13, 2022Press Releases

The Shapiro-Davis Campaign Is Making The Largest Investment Ever In Black Voter Outreach


September 13, 2022


SPA Press,

The Shapiro-Davis Campaign Is Making The Largest Investment Ever In Black Voter Outreach

The Shapiro-Davis campaign is investing millions in mail, digital, and radio ads to court Black voters across Pennsylvania.

PENNSYLVANIAToday, the Shapiro-Davis campaign is announcing the largest investment ever in Black voter outreach for a gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. With less than two months until Election Day, the campaign is spending several million dollars communicating with Black voters digitally, through the mail, and over the radio. Between mid-July and Election Day, the Shapiro-Davis campaign is spending at least $1.2 million on digital ads and $1.4 in mail targeted to the Black community and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Black radio investment.

These paid communications focus on Josh and Austin’s plans to address the issues Black communities care about most – like reducing gun violence, improving our schools, creating jobs, and lowering costs.

From making Mother Bethel AME Church his first official stop as a candidate for Governor, to speaking with Black entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh about their plans to build generational wealth in communities of color, to his on-the-ground effort and organizing investments, Josh Shapiro has made reaching out to Black voters a critical piece of his effort to win this race. Now, he’s backing that up with the largest investment in paid communications geared towards Black voters for any statewide campaign ever in Pennsylvania history.

“Austin and I have made a pledge that we’re going to go everywhere and not take any community for granted – and that includes meeting people where they are. This significant investment is another step in helping us reach Black voters where they are, in their homes, online, and on the radios to talk about our vision to create a Pennsylvania that works for everyone,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

“Black voters are extremely important to the Democratic Party and to our base. It’s something that Josh and I have never taken for granted, and we continue to work to earn their votes. I’m running to be the first Black Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania history – and I know what kind of message that sends,” said State Representative Austin Davis. “Josh and I have laid out concrete plans to create a more equitable Commonwealth, and these ads will help us communicate those plans to Black voters across Pennsylvania.”

The first round of digital ads include:

  • After School: Tyrone Sims, a 40 year volunteer basketball Coach in Southwest Philly met Josh when he attended a workshop Tyrone hosted for young Black men who’ve been victims of gun violence. He speaks to the camera about what Josh will do for his community.
  • Power: Representative Austin Davis speaking to camera about what it will mean to represent his community alongside Josh Shapiro.
  • Kendra: Councilwoman Kendra Brooks speaks to the progressive values Josh is committed to fighting for, like creating a fairer criminal justice system and fully funding our schools.
  • Community Activist: Anton Moore, a gun violence activist in South Philly and founder of prevention organization Unity in the Community speaks to Josh’s commitment to fighting gun violence with organizers on the ground.
  • The Same Story: Representative Austin Davis speaks about the incident of gun violence that touched his life, and why he’ll continue to fight for reform.

As The Philadelphia Tribune reported, the day after he launched his campaign, Josh was talking about how the “serious inequities in health care, education, voter access and the judicial system must be addressed before the state can move forward.” Josh and Austin will continue to engage Black voters in their communities across the Commonwealth and address the issues impacting Black voters head-on.