The Contrast is Clear: Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis Are Talking About Growing the Economy & Creating Jobs While Doug Mastriano Promotes Extremism - Shapiro For Governor
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August 19, 2022Press Releases

The Contrast is Clear: Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis Are Talking About Growing the Economy & Creating Jobs While Doug Mastriano Promotes Extremism


August 19, 2022


SPA Press,

The Contrast is Clear: Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis Are Talking About Growing the Economy & Creating Jobs While Doug Mastriano Promotes Extremism

PENNSYLVANIA –This past week, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and State Representative Austin Davis continued to travel all across the Commonwealth, meeting with Pennsylvanians from Uniontown and Huntingdon to Tunkhannock and Philadelphia. Josh and Austin continued to talk about their plan to grow Pennsylvania’s economy, attract new businesses to the Commonwealth, lower Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax, cut red tape and regulations, protect Pennsylvania workers and invest in our workforce.

At the same time, Doug Mastriano has been focused on his own extreme and dangerous agenda that would hurt working Pennsylvanians. Rather than address the issues facing Pennsylvanians’, Mastriano has made outlawing abortion without exceptions, restricting voting rights, and screwing over Pennsylvania workers and families his top priorities. He has refused to denounce dangerous far-right extremists, going as far as to pay thousands of dollars to Gab, to get antisemitic, alt-right extremists to join his campaign.

While Doug Mastriano doubles down on his dangerous agenda and sows division, the Shapiro-Davis team is working hard to bring people together in every corner of our Commonwealth and will continue to build upon their broad coalition of support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Read more about Josh and Austin’s campaign stops and plans to help Pennsylvania’s working families below: 

WPXI (NBC Pittsburgh): 


LIZ KILMER: And new at 4, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor was in Uniontown today touring a manufacturing facility. State Representative Austin Davis stopped by Hranec Mechanical Corporation. He said it’s the kind of company that should be invested in to put people to work. Davis also highlighted the need for more students out of high school to jump into that sort of field. 

AUSTIN DAVIS: Hard working people who don’t need a college degree to work here, who joined a union to come to work with their hands – and we need to make it easier for folks who don’t want to go to college to join the workforce, to be successful.  

LIZ KILMER: Attorney General Josh Shapiro who is running for Governor endorsed Davis for Lieutenant Governor. 

WHYY (NPR Philadelphia): Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro rallies with union supporters during camapign stop:

By Cory Sharber, 8/19/22

Just across the street from Love Park, SEIU workers gathered with Pennsylvania Attorney General and Democrat candidate for governor, Josh Shapiro to voice their support for unions both statewide and locally ahead of the upcoming gubernatorial election. […]

Shapiro told the union workers the upcoming election is against “right vs. wrong,” pointing to Mastriano’s support of making Pennsylvania a “right to work” state.

“We know that this legislature could put a bill on the desk of the next governor to ban unions to make this a right to work state,” Shapiro said. “Here’s what I know to be true. He’ll sign that bill into law. I’ll veto it, and I’ll always protect the union way of life here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

He says he’ll continue fighting for unions if he gains the seat in Harrisburg.

“But we’re going to take it a step further, because when I’m your governor, we’re going to make sure every single Pennsylvanian who wants to join a union will have the right to join a union when I’m governor,” Shapiro said.

WBRE (NBC Wilkes-Barre): Shapiro stops by new offices in northeast PA

By Justin Glowacki, 8/17/22

To commemorate the opening of the Wyoming County Democratic Committee’s new office in downtown Tunkhannock, Attorney General, and Pennsylvania Democratic Governor candidate, Josh Shapiro met with residents of Wyoming County.

While at the new office, Shapiro discussed his plans if he is elected governor of Pennsylvania.

Shapiro said he stands with Roe v Wade and how he will veto any bill that tries to outlaw abortion.

He talked about his idea to bring broadband to rural areas as well as many other issues.