Students for Shapiro - Shapiro For Governor
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September 30, 2022Blog

Students for Shapiro

Young voters are showing up for our democracy in ways they never have before — and it’s never been more important. 

Because there’s never been more at stake. This election is about the very democracy we leave to our kids — and it’s about making sure they have as many rights going forward as they did when they entered this world. 

That’s where Students for Shapiro comes in. Students for Shapiro is a student-led initiative to organize their fellow high school and college students and get the word out about the importance of voting for Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis. Students across Pennsylvania have the power to make a difference by winning this race in one of the most monumental elections of our lifetimes. 

Taking to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, our high school and college chapters lay out AG Shapiro’s accomplishments and how he is fighting for them. These chapters also organize voter registration drives and other community-based voting events. 

Sophia Shapiro is the OG organizer of Students for Shapiro — she’s worked with almost 1,000 students from across Pennsylvania to launch over 50 chapters of high school and college chapters, as well as The Away from PA and Jews for Josh initiatives within Students for Shapiro. These college chapters have been incredibly influential in getting the word out and raising awareness ahead of November 8th. Sophia and other members of Team Shapiro also host trainers on how to talk about voting and why Josh and Austin are the ticket young people can count on.

Alongside college students, High Schoolers for Shapiro has become a part of the Students for Shapiro family. Getting new voters educated on their rights and how to register is incredibly important, especially since it’s high school students’ first time participating in our democratic process. The message from Students for Shapiro is clear: Young people are the future, and they have a powerful voice in this election that must be used.

If you are interested in joining a Students for Shapiro chapter, starting your own, or are a Pennsylvania student going to school out of school, you can learn more at