On the Trail, 5/31/22 - Shapiro For Governor
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May 31, 2022Blog

On the Trail, 5/31/22

It’s official — Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis are our candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.

It took a lot of work to get here, and whether you’ve been with us since the very beginning or you’re just joining our grassroots campaign now — we want to catch you up to speed.

On October 13th, 2021, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced his candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania — he hopped on a big blue bus and traveled from county to county to share his vision for our Commonwealth.

Josh standing at a podium.

On January 14th, 2022, Josh endorsed his running mate for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, Representative Austin Davis, a Western Pennsylvanian who — much like Josh — has always fought for his community in the Mon Valley.

Josh and Austin smiling at a podium.

Fast forward to May 11, 2022 — Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis ended the primary with a tour to rally supporters across Pennsylvania ahead of May 17th.

And their first stop? Clarion County! Because what better way to kick off a tour than to celebrate with good people and a good beer?
Austin Davis stands at the front of a room filled with supporters
Josh and Austin then visited the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s new office in Erie County — where they shared their message of freedom with the people of Pennsylvania.

Josh Shapiro is speaking into a microphone. Austin Davis stands next to him.

And Erie County turned out in waves.

Josh speaking to a crowded room of supporters.

From there, Josh and Austin rallied with Erie County Democrats at their annual Erie Dems Dinner — and if one thing is certain, it’s that Erie County has gotten off the sidelines, is in the game, and ready to win in November.

Josh and Austin waving to a crowd from onstage.

On Thursday, less than a week before the primary election, Josh and Austin visited
Meadville in Crawford County — which also happens to be the birthplace of the direct primary election.

Josh and Austin standing on some stairs in front of a crowd.

Team Shapiro traveled South to Farrell — where our ticket spent the rest of the sunny afternoon with Democrats in Mercer County.

Josh stands in a bocce ball pit giving a speech.

On Friday, Team Shapiro traveled from Mercer County to Somerset County — where folks from all corners of Western Pennsylvania came together.

Crowd of supporters looks at the camera.

Even the littlest of big fighters.

Josh greets a woman holding a baby.

Team Shapiro traveled to Bedford County, where supporters shared their stories with Josh and Austin. Make no mistake: our rural communities are in the game, and they’re turning out because too much is on the line in November.

Josh shakes hands with a man at a picnic.

Team Shapiro ended the day in Huntingdon County — and if you’re wondering what democracy looks like: it’s this.

Josh and Austin stand in front of a crowd.


Josh and Austin laugh together holding glasses of beer.

On Saturday, Team Shapiro kicked off the day in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s new office. Volunteers and supporters were mobilized and ready to turn out the vote for our ticket.

Josh gives speech in packed room.

After that, they headed to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s new coordinated campaign office in Delaware County.

Fun fact: these offices are opening across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can find your community’s at mobilize.us/allinpa

Josh talking to supporters.

On Sunday, Josh joined the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania at the Old Bucks County Courthouse to rally for reproductive freedom.

Josh holds a microphone at a pro-choice rally.

As Governor, Josh will serve as a firewall for women’s rights — he’ll always protect choice in Pennsylvania and defend abortion access.

But Josh Shapiro isn’t alone in the fight to defend a woman’s right to choose. Check out that crowd.

Josh at the center of a crowd.

Team Shapiro joined supporters at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s new office in Bucks County — and they even launched their first canvass of the day.

Austin talking to a crowd outside.

By the size of that team, you can imagine a lot of doors were knocked that day.

With fewer than 48 hours until polls would open, Team Shapiro traveled North to Lehigh County — where they were joined by supporters at the IBEW 375 headquarters.

Josh gives a speech.

Josh believes that workers’ rights are human rights, and he’ll be a Governor who defends the union way of life — so unions like AFL-CIO can continue their critical work.

Crowd of people are sitting in chairs.

From there, Team Shapiro traveled to Berks County to meet with Latino leaders in Reading. Josh knows how important it is that forgotten communities like Reading are involved in this process. He committed to leaving nobody behind.

Josh stands in a group of supporters with his hands on his hips.

Team Shapiro ended the evening by knocking doors and meeting voters in Reading — Josh even sported his new kicks.

Josh's AirForce 1 sneakers.

Following Team Shapiro’s primary election victory — Josh rallied together with the people of Johnstown to kick off the general election.

Josh gives a speech at a podium

“We have to seize this moment because the stakes have never been higher, and the contrast has never been clearer.

My name is on the ballot — but your rights are at risk, and your future that’s on the line.

Let’s fight for them, together.” – Josh Shapiro

Crowd waves American flags at a rally

From the right to choose to the right to vote, our fundamental freedoms are on the ballot — and we’ll need fighters in Harrisburg to ensure those freedoms are defended.

That’s the message that Team Shapiro shared with folks across the Commonwealth, and it’s the message that will help us win in the general election.

Now that you’re caught up to speed and the primary election is over — here’s how you can get involved with Team Shapiro as we head towards November.

Phone bank. Canvass. Text bank. Whatever you choose to do, make every moment count. Visit: mobilize.us/allinpa