On the Trail, 07/31/22 - Shapiro For Governor
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July 31, 2022Blog

On the Trail, 07/31/22

From Montgomery County to Armstrong County to Pike County — and everywhere in-between, Team Shapiro is leaving no stone left unturned.

If you haven’t had the chance to join us on the trail this month or keep updated with us on social media, we’re going to catch you up to speed right now.

And there’s a lot to tell you.

We kicked off the month marching for freedom with the people of Skippack in Montgomery County at their annual Fourth of July parade — and folks turned out in waves.

Josh and Austin holding a Shapiro Davis banner with parade marchers

This Fourth of July felt a little different following the Supreme Court’s decision to undermine a woman’s right to choose, but nonetheless, knowing the stakes of this election — the people marched on, and they marched for freedom.

From Skippack, Team Shapiro was joined by thousands of Pennsylvanians in Glenside — and marched alongside friends, families, and neighbors.

Josh posing for a photo with his Fourth of July crew

This is the sign of a strong community that knows freedom is on the line this year — and they’re united to fight for their fundamental rights together.

That same week, Team Shapiro traveled to Columbia County and visited supporters in Bloomsburg — and Josh’s good friend, Senator Bob Casey, joined him on the trail.

Josh standing with another man

From Bloomsburg to St. Clair in Schuylkill County — a community that is too often cast aside but is ready for equal opportunity.

Opportunity they know Josh Shapiro will deliver as Governor of Pennsylvania.

Crowd of Josh supporters

Speaking of opportunity, Josh Shapiro had the opportunity to meet with Philadelphia’s and Pttsburgh’s Fire Fighters — where he received their endorsement in this race for Governor.

Josh posing for a photo with a crowd

“Fire Fighters put their lives on the line to protect ours — and to know they have my back means a great deal to me.

I won’t let them down as Governor.” — Josh Shapiro

That same day, Josh Shapiro joined thousands of AFSCME union members at their annual conference in Philadelphia.

Josh standing at an AFSCME podium

“Labor built the middle class. Our middle class is the backbone of our economy—and our economy is key to healthy communities.

As Governor, I’ll fight to protect the union way of life and your right to organize.” — Josh Shapiro

And from there, Team Shapiro was back on the road to NEPA — where Josh Shapiro was joined by folks in Milford, Pike County.

Josh speaking to a crowd

Communities like Pike County matter, and they deserve a Governor they can count on — Josh understands that — and it’s why he’s promised to make it his priority to revitalize our main streets, invest in our workforce, and build our local economies stronger than ever as Governor.

Team Shapiro then traveled to the other side of the state, where Josh met with PSEA union teachers in Erie County to hear about the challenges they’re facing and what they’d like to see in a Shapiro Administration.

Josh posing for a photo with a group

If there’s one thing you should know about Josh, it’s that he’s a union-guy — and he’ll always bring our labor unions to the table as Governor.

From Erie County to Armstrong County, Josh met with folks who’ve been challenged with real rural issues to tell them they’re not alone — and that he’s ready to deliver real relief.

Josh speaking to a crowd

That brings us to Venango County — and let us tell you, this community proved they’re ready to VenanGO! 

Josh speaking to a crowd

Pennsylvania’s economy is dependent on the success of small businesses like those you can find on the streets of Oil City, Venango County.

And we can count on Josh Shapiro to fight to ensure economic opportunity spans to communities like these.

From delivering economic opportunity to defending our fundamental freedoms — we’re going to need a fighter in Harrisburg, and Josh Shapiro will be that fighter.

To end the month, Team Shapiro visited Jenkintown, where Josh Shapiro and his family gathered with hundreds of their neighbors to fight for freedom.

Josh speaking to a crowd

The stakes of this election could not be higher, and voters know that — that’s why they’re getting in the game.

From Jenkintown to Allentown, Team Shapiro joined thousands of Pennsylvanians at Lehigh County’s annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. If you didn’t already know, we love a good celebration!

Josh waving next to a woman speaking

And what better way to end the month than by delivering signs to the doors of supporters?

Josh talking to people at the door

You can grab your own free sign at shapirodev.wpengine.com/lawnsign — Josh Shapiro might just deliver it to your door, too.

We’re all caught up for the month of July, but while we’ve got you here — join our team, so you don’t miss out on next month’s journey! Visit shapirodev.wpengine.com/join.