NEW ADS: Josh Shapiro Releases First TV Ads in Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania - Shapiro For Governor
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April 26, 2022Press Releases

NEW ADS: Josh Shapiro Releases First TV Ads in Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania


April 26, 2022


SPA Press,


NEW ADS: Josh Shapiro Releases First TV Ads in Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania


PENNSYLVANIA – Today, Josh Shapiro’s campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania released its first television ads, highlighting Josh’s record of taking on powerful institutions and illustrating how Josh’s family and faith ground his public service. Josh is unopposed in the Democratic primary, and as voters tune in to the race ahead of the primary on May 17, both ads will run in every media market across the Commonwealth.

In “Banana Split,” Josh talks about his faith and his family, which ground his deep commitment to fighting for the people of Pennsylvania. The ad opens with a shot of Josh in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, as he describes how no matter where he is in the Commonwealth, he always makes it home for family dinner on Friday night. Then, Attorney General Shapiro talks about his record and approach to governing: one of responsible fiscal management and holding the powerful accountable when they try to screw over Pennsylvania. Josh makes it clear that he’ll work with anyone to get things done – but has no patience for politicians whose sole aim is driving us apart.

In “Alexis,” Alexis Miller – a registered nurse – shares her powerful story of being ripped off by a predatory loan company and how Josh took them on and helped wipe out her debt. In January 2022, Josh announced a historic settlement with Navient that led to $1.8 billion in student loan debt cancellation and restitution. 

With this initial ad buy, Josh Shapiro’s campaign is set to continue communicating his values and track record of real leadership and results with millions of Pennsylvania voters as Republicans continue to fight among themselves in the crowded primary.

Watch “Banana Split” Here


Josh Shapiro: Whether my day starts here in Bloomsburg, Uniontown, or anywhere in Pennsylvania – I make it home Friday night for Sabbath dinner, because family and faith ground me.

I spent part of my childhood on a base while my dad served in the Navy. Then, my parents put down roots right here in Pennsylvania.

I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart. Now, we’re raising a family of our own, not far from the ice cream parlor where we had our first date.

All my life, I’ve tried to live the values we teach our kids: help others, and do what’s right.

When I ran Pennsylvania’s third largest county, we cut spending and had the lowest taxes in the region.

As Attorney General, I’ve taken on powerful institutions at the highest level on behalf of those who have been wronged.

As Governor, I’ll have no patience for politicians who disagree just to drive us further apart – but I’ll work with anyone to get things done for Pennsylvania.

Watch “Alexis” Here


Alexis Miller: I got a nursing degree with student loans – but it turned into a nightmare. A student loan company steered me and thousands of others into predatory loans. 

Even though I paid on time, the amount I owed kept going up – but Josh Shapiro took them on, and said what they were doing was illegal. As a result, many of us had our debt completely wiped out. 

These days it’s hard enough being a nurse without somebody trying to rip you off. Josh Shapiro, he’ll take on anybody to do what’s right.

Narrator: Josh Shapiro – In uncertain times, a Governor we can count on.