NEW AD: Barack Obama Featured In Ad For Josh Shapiro, “My Friend,” Highlighting The Stakes Of The Election - Shapiro For Governor
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October 26, 2022Press Releases

NEW AD: Barack Obama Featured In Ad For Josh Shapiro, “My Friend,” Highlighting The Stakes Of The Election


October 26, 2022


SPA Press,

NEW AD: Barack Obama Featured in Ad for Josh Shapiro, “My Friend,” Highlighting The Stakes of the Election 

In the final stretch of the campaign, Shapiro for Pennsylvania released a new TV ad with Barack Obama, highlighting Josh Shapiro’s commitment to defending Pennsylvanian’s freedoms. 

PENNSYLVANIAToday, the Shapiro for Pennsylvania campaign released a new television ad featuring former President Obama highlighting the stakes of the election in Pennsylvania. As Doug Mastriano continues to court fringe conspiracy theorists, threatens to restrict the right to vote and wants to “decertify every [voting] machine in the state,” Obama encourages Pennsylvanians to “fight for America where truth matters.”

From holding rallies with far-right extremists, to paying thousands of dollars to the white supremacist website Gab to recruit extremists and white supremacists, to standing with rioters as they attacked the Capitol on January 6th, Doug Mastriano has spent his entire campaign running on these dangerous ideals. Obama knows Pennsylvanians need a Governor they can count on to have their backs. Josh will be a Governor who will defend Pennsylvanians’ rights in the face of extremist attacks, and he will make sure “every vote counts and every voice matters.”

The ad will be running in media markets across Pennsylvania as more voters continue tuning into the race during the final stretch to Election Day. In the final 14 days, Josh will continue to show up in every corner of our Commonwealth and build on the broad coalition of support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in order to win on November 8th.

Watch “My Friend” Here


Pennsylvania, it’s up to you.

The power is in your hands.

We can turn a blind eye to white nationalism and conspiracy theories.

Or we can fight for America where truth matters.

We can allow politicians to stop legitimate votes from being counted.

Or we can make sure every vote counts and every voice matters.

There’s a lot on the line.

So vote for my friend Josh Shapiro for governor.

You can trust him to be the leader we need right now.