ICYMI: Josh Shapiro Stands with Pennsylvania Doctors and Nurses to Highlight the Importance of Defending Abortion - Shapiro For Governor
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June 30, 2022Press Releases

ICYMI: Josh Shapiro Stands with Pennsylvania Doctors and Nurses to Highlight the Importance of Defending Abortion


June 30, 2022


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ICYMI: Josh Shapiro Stands with Pennsylvania Doctors and Nurses to Highlight the Importance of Defending Abortion


PENNSYLVANIA – Yesterday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro was joined by Pennsylvania doctors, nurses, and Philadelphia City Council Majority Leader Cherelle Parker at a press conference in Philadelphia to highlight the stakes of this Governor’s race for reproductive rights. As Shapiro, Parker, and these medical professionals made clear – the health consequences of Doug Mastriano’s extreme agenda would be devastating for Pennsylvania women. 

At this event, Josh stood with doctors and nurses as they shared their firsthand experiences as healthcare providers, and reiterated that their patients “will die” in Doug Mastriano’s Pennsylvania, as Dr. Michal Elovitz, a maternal fetal medicine physician, made clear:

“I took an oath when I became a doctor 25 years ago to do no harm. By not being able to offer my patients the lifesaving procedure of an abortion, I will cause harm and I will not harm my patients,” Elovitz said. “I will not let Doug Mastriano force me to harm my patients. It is not just untenable. It is dangerous to have politicians deciding what is best for women’s health to dictate how doctors provide care.”


See below for some of the coverage of Wednesday’s press conference and the stakes of the Governor’s race.

KYW (CBS Philadelphia): Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Josh Shapiro Vows to Protect Abortion Access If Elected

At Philadelphia City Hall, the Democratic nominee for governor vowed to preserve abortion access in Pennsylvania if he is elected in November. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was joined by doctors who said overturning Roe v. Wade has put women’s lives at risk. […]

“This next race for governor will be the pivotal decision point, the inflection point to decide whether or not Pennsylvania will continue to respect women,” Shapiro said. […]

Mastriano has previously said Roe v. Wade was “rightly relegated to the ash heap of history.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Shapiro teams up with healthcare workers to tout abortion message; Mastriano says economy will sway voters

By Julian Routh, 6/29/22

As state Democrats continue to hone in on the overturning of Roe v. Wade as an electoral galvanizer ahead of November’s midterms, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the party’s nominee for governor, teamed up with a group of healthcare professionals on Wednesday to label his candidacy the last line of defense against the Impulses of rights-infringing Republicans. […]

“Let me tell you something. It is not freedom to tell a woman what she can do and not do with her body,” Mr. Shapiro said, poking at Mr. Mastriano’s affinity, in his campaign, for “freedom.” “That’s not freedom … to tell a family under what terms and when they’re allowed to have children, that’s not freedom.”

To counter the Democrats’ focus on abortion rights, Mr. Mastriano, who favors a ban on abortion six weeks into a pregnancy, told NewsMax this week that although the Roe decision may “stir [Mr. Shapiro’s] base” and give him a bump in the polls, voters are ultimately worried about other things.

“The reality is, people are going to vote the economy, and the economy is looking pretty bad nationwide and especially in Pennsylvania,” Mr. Mastriano said.

WHYY (NPR Philadelphia): Medical professionals join Shapiro in show of support for his Pa. gubernatorial campaign

By Tom MacDonald, 6/29/22

Josh Shapiro was joined by members of the medical profession Wednesday afternoon as he tried to draw a distinct division between himself and his opponent in November’s gubernatorial campaign. […]

“The reality is in Pennsylvania with this legislature, they will put yet another bill on the desk of the next governor to ban all abortions and criminalize doctors who perform those abortions,” Shapiro said. “Doug Mastriano will sign that bill into law, and I will veto it. That is what is going to play out in Pennsylvania.”

The Recount: Pennsylvania gov. candidate Josh Shapiro (D) goes after opponent Doug Mastriano (R) for supposedly defending “freedom.”

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