Mastriano Campaign Marches with Three Percenters Flag at Glenside Fourth Of July Parade - Shapiro For Governor
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July 5, 2022Press Releases

Mastriano Campaign Marches with Three Percenters Flag at Glenside Fourth Of July Parade


July 5, 2022


SPA Press,

Mastriano Campaign Marches with Three Percenters Flag at Glenside Fourth Of July Parade

Mastriano’s parade contingent waved the flag of “right-wing militia” group that “claims to be ready to carry out armed resistance to perceived tyranny” at major suburban parade.

PENNSYLVANIAOn the Fourth of July, Doug Mastriano’s parade contingent included supporters who marched in the Glenside parade waving the flag of the Three Percenters, a “right-wing militia” group that is “a vanguard extremist movement that claims to be ready to carry out armed resistance to perceived tyranny” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Glenside parade is one of the largest Independence Day parades in the state, as families from across southeastern Pennsylvania line suburban streets to see firetrucks, fill their bags with candy, salute the flag, and celebrate freedom. For Mastriano to bring these extremists into Pennsylvania communities sends a dangerous message about his values and agenda – he is clearly out of touch with what Pennsylvania families need right now.

The Three Percenters played a central role in the January 6th insurrection and at least four members have been charged with “conspiring to impede police or thwart Congress’s confirmation of the 2020 presidential election results.” The group has been classified as a “terrorist entity,” and has been described as believing that “a small force of armed individuals can overthrow a tyrannical government, and many… engage in paramilitary training and organizing to do so.”

As the Three Percenters stormed the Capitol, Doug Mastriano walked past police barricades and appeared to videotape rioters “fac[ing] off” with police on the steps of the Capitol. Mastriano has repeatedly lied about his movements on January 6th and he has continued to peddle dangerous lies about the 2020 election in his campaign for Governor.

“Just hours after six people were killed and three dozen injured in yet another tragic mass shooting fueled by extremist views, the Mastriano campaign showed up to a suburban Pennsylvania Independence Day parade with members of an extreme right-wing militia group that warns of an armed overthrow of the government,” said Shapiro for Pennsylvania spokesperson Will Simons. “Doug Mastriano and his campaign are spreading the same kind of dangerous lies and conspiracy theories that have led to violence and killings across our country. Mastriano is too divisive and extreme to be Governor — and the hatred he spreads has no place in Pennsylvania communities.”

While Mastriano stood with the mob who stormed the Capitol, Attorney General Josh Shapiro repeatedly went to court to ensure every legal vote was counted in Pennsylvania. He has also worked with fellow law enforcement officials to take thousands of guns off the streets, shut down interstate gun trafficking rings, and deployed his Strategic Response Team to hotspots across Pennsylvania to tackle drug and gun trafficking. Throughout his tenure as Attorney General, his office has arrested over 8,000 drug dealers and held more than 100 corrupt public officials – from both parties – accountable when they broke the law.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro is working to bring people together and protect Pennsylvanians’ rights. Pennsylvania deserves a Governor who is focused on the issues that matter most to our families – growing the economy and lowering costs, improving our schools, and making our communities safer.