Listicle: 10 Big Issues This Election - Shapiro For Governor
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July 20, 2022Blog

Listicle: 10 Big Issues This Election

Today, we want to give you a rundown of exactly what’s on the line in this election. Take a look at these 10 issues that will be decided by the next Governor of Pennsylvania:

  • Abortion Access: Due to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, this upcoming election will determine the fate of abortion access in Pennsylvania. And that’s no exaggeration. The Republican-led Legislature will send a bill to the next Governor’s desk that would outlaw abortion. Doug Mastriano will sign that bill — he believes all abortions should be banned with no exceptions and that doctors should be thrown in jail for performing them. Josh Shapiro would veto that bill and any other that restricts a woman’s right to choose.


  • Lowering Costs: Let’s face it — costs are rising right now, and it’s hurting Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth. The next Governor has got to protect consumers and put money back in Pennsylvanians’ pockets. Josh has a plan to send drivers a $250 gas tax refund, eliminate the state cell phone tax, and expand the property tax and rent rebate program so more people can stay in their homes.


  • Voting Rights: Josh Shapiro is committed to protecting and expanding our most fundamental right: the right to vote. He’s gone to court against Trump’s allies dozens of times to defend Pennsylvanians’ right to vote and ensure every legal vote was counted. He has a plan to veto any efforts to restrict mail-voting, implement same-day voter registration, and establish automatic voter registration. Mastriano wants to kick all 8.7 million Pennsylvanians off the voter rolls, and then dictate how, if, or when they can re-register.


  • Union Way of Life: Unions gave us the minimum wage, a 40-hour workweek, and benefits — it’s imperative we protect the union way of life. Doug Mastriano disagrees – he wants to undermine the union way of life and make it harder for workers to form and join unions. Josh will protect the right to organize and strengthen our unions.


  • Equal Opportunities: For Pennsylvania to grow and succeed, every Pennsylvanian must be able to participate in our economy, support their families, and access safe and affordable housing. Unfortunately, the reality today is that too many Black and brown Pennsylvanians face significant barriers that keep them from fully accessing our financial systems and labor markets. Josh has a plan to lift families out of poverty, build economic opportunities and wealth, increase housing stability and homeownership, and address health inequities.


  • Democracy: To grow our economy, improve our schools, and make our communities safer, we must have a stable democracy. Josh Shapiro will defend our democratic institutions (just like he always has as Attorney General) and appoint a pro-democracy Secretary of State. Doug Mastriano is a literal insurrectionist who paid thousands of dollars to bus supporters down to the Capitol and walked past police barricades himself on January 6th. Mastriano to this day spreads Trump’s Big Lie and has threatened to overturn the results of the 2024 election if he doesn’t like the winner. Our very democracy is on the line, and it’s clear that Josh is the only one who can protect it.


  • Good Jobs: Pennsylvanians are the hardest workers in America, and they deserve every opportunity to get ahead — but too many are prevented from getting jobs that they’re qualified for because of arbitrary restrictions. Josh is committed to creating more good-paying jobs, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, making it easier to go to vo-tech schools, and eliminating 4-year college degree requirements for government jobs that just don’t need them.


  • Safe Communities: Pennsylvanians deserve to feel safe in their communities. As Attorney General, Josh has arrested violent criminals, taken illegal firearms off the streets, and seized illegal drugs. He’s committed to closing the ghost gun loophole — which allows criminals to obtain an untraceable, DIY gun that can be assembled at home without a background check. No one should feel scared to walk to school, the grocery store, or their job — and Josh is committed to increasing safety and reducing violence in every community.


  • Environment: When asked if climate change is real, Doug Mastriano literally said “it is not. It’s fake science.” On the other hand, Josh will be a Governor who protects our planet and invests in clean energy — while also creating thousands of good-paying jobs so no Pennsylvanian is left behind.


  • LGBTQ+ Rights: Josh Shapiro has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights his entire career — he even helped the first LGBTQ+ couples in Pennsylvania marry as a Montgomery County Commissioner. As Governor, Josh will put his political capital behind the effort to finally ban discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in Pennsylvania so that the LGBTQ+ community can work, attend school, and seek housing under the same rights as everyone else in the Commonwealth. Compare that to Doug Mastriano, who literally said “absolutely not” when asked about his stance on same-sex marriage.