Josh Shapiro Rallies “Enthusiastic Crowd[s]” at the Northern Tier Campaign Stops - Shapiro For Governor
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April 15, 2022Press Releases

Josh Shapiro Rallies “Enthusiastic Crowd[s]” at the Northern Tier Campaign Stops


Friday, April 15, 2022


SPA Press,


Josh Shapiro Rallies “Enthusiastic Crowd[s]” at the Northern Tier Campaign Stops

This week, Josh Shapiro hosted campaign stops in Potter, McKean, and Warren counties to show Pennsylvanians that he will fight for every community as Governor.

PENNSYLVANIA – This week, Attorney General Josh Shapiro was back on the road, campaigning in three counties across the Northern Tier, where he was greeted by “enthusiastic crowd[s]” in Port Allegany, Coudersport, and Warren. At each stop, Josh talked about showing up and fighting for votes in every community – no matter how rural – as he met with hundreds of supporters, listened to their concerns, and shared his plans to improve the lives of rural Pennsylvanians.

The stops in the Northern Tier come just days after Josh made similar campaign stops in Western Pennsylvania – in Butler, Beaver, and Washington counties – and he will continue to meet with Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth and work hard every single day to earn the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.

Yesterday, Josh hosted events in Potter and McKean counties, highlighting his plans to grow the economy and expand broadband, improve access to health care, and invest in our children’s education in rural communities. As the Bradford Era reported, Josh’s message is that he “will be someone who will solve real problems and take on the big fights.”

This morning in Warren County, Josh made clear he understands the issues facing Pennsylvanians right now, especially those in rural communities, and he outlined his plans to lower costs, keep rural hospitals open and expand access to telemedicine, and bring jobs to rural towns in Pennsylvania. Josh committed to tackling these issues head-on, while continuing to defend Pennsylvanians’ voting and reproductive rights.

Donald Trump won all three counties with over 68 percent of the vote in 2020, but no matter how small or rural, Josh is showing up in communities often left behind – proving that he will be a Governor that will fight for everyone and bring people together to get things done. With still more than six months to go before Election Day, the momentum behind Josh Shapiro’s campaign only continues to grow, as more Pennsylvanians rally behind his positive vision to move the Commonwealth forward.