Josh Shapiro Endorses Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor - Shapiro For Governor
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January 4, 2022Press Releases

Josh Shapiro Endorses Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor


Tuesday, January 4, 2022


SPA Press,


 Josh Shapiro Endorses Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor


“Shapiro will join Davis as he announces his history-making candidacy at his campaign launch events in McKeesport and Philadelphia.

PENNSYLVANIAToday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced his endorsement of Representative Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor, as Davis launches his campaign to become the first Black Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania history. Shapiro will join Davis at campaign launch events in McKeesport today and in Philadelphia tomorrow. 

“Pennsylvanians – from Westmoreland to West Philadelphia – deserve leaders who understand the issues they’re facing and can bring people together to get things done. Throughout his career, Austin Davis has fought for the people of western Pennsylvania, standing up for families who work hard to make ends meet and communities that have been forgotten,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “Whether it was leading Montgomery County or now as Attorney General, I’ve always surrounded myself with people who bring different life experiences to my team – and I’m proud to endorse Austin Davis because I know he will make my administration stronger as our next Lieutenant Governor.”

“We need leaders in Pennsylvania who know how to work hard and fight for working people and communities like McKeesport, and that’s exactly what Attorney General Shapiro has done throughout his career,” said Representative Austin Davis. “Pennsylvanians, regardless of color, class, or creed, need someone in their corner and I’m looking forward to taking on the big fights and getting things done as Lieutenant Governor alongside our next Governor Josh Shapiro.” 

A lifelong resident of McKeesport in western Pennsylvania’s Mon Valley, Austin Davis grew up watching his working-class family work hard to make ends meet. He is a first-generation college graduate and from a young age, he was committed to giving back to his community through public service. As a state representative, Davis has fought for good jobs for working people, brought investment to the Mon Valley, and worked to reduce crime and make communities safe. 

Both Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis have fought for working Pennsylvanians throughout their careers. Josh has taken on corporations who stole from their employees and returned hundreds of millions of dollars to consumers, seniors, and small businesses, while Rep. Davis has worked to make health care more affordable and invest in western Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.  

Davis would bring important geographic and racial diversity to a Shapiro-led Democratic ticket, and if elected, he would be the highest-ranking Black elected official in Pennsylvania history. Davis is the first Black state representative in western Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh, and he is one of just four Black members of the state House to represent a majority-white district.

Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis will continue to travel across the state to highlight their record of standing up for Pennsylvanians, and share their vision for moving the Commonwealth forward. 


As he launched his campaign, Davis was also endorsed by: 



Tom Wolf, Governor, Pennsylvania 

Ed Rendell, Former Governor, Pennsylvania 

Josh Shapiro, Attorney General, Pennsylvania 


Pennsylvania Senate (15)


Senate Democratic Leadership

Jay Costa, Leader, Senate Democratic Caucus

Vincent Hughes, Appropriations Chair, Senate Democratic Caucus 

Anthony Williams, Whip, Senate Democratic Caucus 

Maria Collett, Secretary, Senate Democratic Caucus 

Wayne Fontana, Caucus Chair, Senate Democratic Caucus 



Sen. James Brewster

Sen. Amanda Cappelletti

Sen. Carolyn Comitta

Sen. Art Haywood

Sen. John Kane

Sen. Tim Kearney

Sen. Nikil Saval

Sen. Steve Santarsiero

Sen. Judith Schwank

Sen. Lindsey Williams


Pennsylvania House (48)


House Democratic Leadership 

Joanna McClinton, Leader, House Democratic Caucus 

Jordan Harris, Whip, House Democratic Caucus 

Matt Bradford, Appropriations Chair, House Democratic Caucus 

Dan Miller, Chair, House Democratic Caucus 

Tina Davis, Secretary, House Democratic Caucus 

Mike Schlossberg, Administrator, House Democratic Caucus 

Ryan Bizzarro, Policy Chair, House Democratic Caucus 



Rep. Jessica Benham

Rep. Tim Briggs

Rep. Amen Brown

Rep. Donna Bullock

Rep. Frank Burns

Rep. Mike Carroll

Rep. Morgan Cephas

Rep. Joseph Ciresi

Rep. Mary Jo Daley

Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski

Rep. Dan Deasy

Rep. Pam DeLissio

Rep. Dave Delloso

Rep. Tony DeLuca

Rep. Mike Driscoll

Rep. Dan Frankel

Rep. Bob Freeman

Rep. Nancy Guenst

Rep. Manny Guzman

Rep. Pat Harkins

Rep. Sara Innamorato

Rep. Patty Kim

Rep. Emily Kinkead

Rep. Stephen Kinsey

Rep. Brian Kirkland

Rep. Anita Kulik

Rep. Steve Malagari

Rep. Bridget Malloy-Kosierowski

Rep. Brandon Markosek

Rep. Rob Matzie

Rep. Gerald Mullery

Rep. Kyle Mullins

Rep. Napoleon Nelson

Rep. Nicholas Pisciottano

Rep. Chris Sainato

Rep. Ben Sanchez

Rep. Christina Sappey

Rep. Melissa Shusterman

Rep. Pam Snyder

Rep. Jared Solomon

Rep. Dan Williams



Mike Doyle, Member of Congress 

Dwight Evans, Member of Congress 

Rich Fitzgerald, Executive, Allegheny County

Ed Gainey, Mayor of Pittsburgh 

Bob Brady, Chair, Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, former Congressman Chair

Darrell Clarke, Council President, Philadelphia City Council

Cherelle Parker, Council Majority Leader, Philadelphia City Council

Derek Green, Councilmember, Philadelphia City Council

Isaiah Thomas, Councilmember, Philadelphia City Council

Diane Marseglia, Commissioner, Bucks County

Bob Harvie, Commissioner, Bucks County

Marian Moskowitz, Commissioner, Chester County

Josh Maxwell, Commissioner, Chester County

Jack Stollsteimer, Delaware County District Attorney


Regional Democratic Party Leadership

Gerald Lawrence, Chair, Southeast Regional Democratic Caucus

John Cordisco, Chair, Bucks County Democratic Committee

Charlotte Valyo, Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee

Colleen Guiney, Chair, Delaware County Democratic Committee

Joe Foster, Chair, Montgomery County Democratic Committee

Jim Wertz, Chair, Erie County Democratic Committee