Josh Shapiro Announces Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania - Shapiro For Governor
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October 13, 2021Press Releases

Josh Shapiro Announces Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania


Wednesday, October 13, 2021


SPA Press,


Josh Shapiro Announces Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania

As Attorney General, Shapiro has taken on the powerful and gotten things done – and that’s what he will do as Pennsylvania’s next Governor.

PENNSYLVANIA – Today, Josh Shapiro announced his campaign to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania. In a video announcing his campaign, Shapiro describes what has motivated him to “get off the sidelines” and “get in the game,” standing up for Pennsylvanians, taking on the powerful and well-connected, and delivering real results for the Commonwealth. 

Shapiro will formally launch his campaign later this morning in Pittsburgh. This evening, he will host a hometown rally in Montgomery County, and tomorrow, he will kick off a statewide “Big Fights Bus Tour,” traveling throughout the Commonwealth over the next week to highlight his record of taking on the big fights, standing up to those in power, and getting things done for Pennsylvanians.   

“I understand people feel like our politics are divided and broken right now, but we can’t just take our ball and go home. There’s too much on the line,” Attorney General Shapiro says in the video, “We all have a responsibility to show up, stand up and fight for what’s right. As Governor, I’ll stay in the game – no matter what. Together, we’ll build a future we can all believe in.”  

The video highlights Shapiro’s record of standing up for the people and delivering results — from leading a fiscal and ethical turnaround in Montgomery County to investigating abuse in the Catholic Church to defending democracy and the right to vote — and features the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Pittsburgh, state representative Ed Gainey, sexual abuse survivor Mary McHale, and former Montgomery County Director of Finance Brian Regli

Shapiro has a long record of taking on the big fights and bringing people together to solve tough problems. Philadelphia Magazine praised his work as a state representative, calling him “a blast of oxygen in the smoke-choked backrooms of quid-pro-quo Harrisburg.” As Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in Montgomery County, Shapiro inherited a financial mess, but he put the County back on solid footing while taking early steps to combat the opioid epidemic, helping the first LGBT couples in Pennsylvania marry, and firing Wall Street money managers to save taxpayers and retirees millions.

As Attorney General, Shapiro has continued to take on the biggest fights, like exposing decades of sexual abuse and cover-ups in the Catholic Church, protecting health care access for 1.9 million Pennsylvanians, leading on criminal justice reform, returning over $200 million dollars in relief to student loan borrowers, seniors, small businesses and consumers, and defending our democracy and protecting the right to vote in the 2020 general election.

As a result, Shapiro has earned the trust of Pennsylvanians – and in 2020, he was re-elected as Attorney General with more votes than any other candidate in Pennsylvania history.