Josh Shapiro and Rep. Donna Bullock Meet with Local Black Business Owners in Philadelphia - Shapiro For Governor
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February 7, 2022Press Releases

Josh Shapiro and Rep. Donna Bullock Meet with Local Black Business Owners in Philadelphia


Monday, February 7, 2022


SPA Press,


 Josh Shapiro and Rep. Donna Bullock Meet with Local Black Business Owners in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIAOn Friday afternoon, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and state Representative Donna Bullock met with local Black-owned businesses along Girard Avenue in Philadelphia, talking to the business owners about the challenges they’re facing and how the Commonwealth can do more to support Black-owned businesses and commercial corridors. Throughout Black History Month, Josh Shapiro will meet with Black Pennsylvanians to hear what they need from Harrisburg and talk about how he will fight for them as Governor. 

At their first stop, Shapiro and Bullock visited the Monkey and the Elephant, a cafe that employs and supports former foster youth. Shapiro met with the program director and her team to hear about how they support young Black Philadelphians, and the biggest challenges facing the community right now. 

Shapiro and Bullock then met with the owner of Butter’s Soul Food restaurant, a local neighborhood staple for over 20 years, to hear about how they have continued to serve their customers throughout COVID-19. Kevin Bell, the owner, told Shapiro about how he’s struggling to find additional cooks and deal with rising prices.

Finally, Shapiro stopped at Andrew’s Pack Doggie Daycare, where he spoke with the owner about the challenges he faced starting the business and what kind of programs have helped him stay open the past two years. Specifically, they talked about local business grants and how impactful those programs were in the early days of the pandemic. 

Over the past two years, Josh Shapiro has visited with and listened to business owners all across the Commonwealth — and seen firsthand the barriers and inequalities that COVID-19 has laid bare, especially for minority-owned businesses. Friday’s visits were another opportunity to meet with Pennsylvania small business owners and hear about the challenges they face and the support they need in order to compete and succeed.

Shapiro knows that in order to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and create jobs, we must support every Pennsylvania small business. That’s why as Governor, Josh will work to combat systemic challenges in our economy, provide more opportunities for Black entrepreneurs, and create incentive programs to support and revitalize Main Streets. 

Throughout this month, Josh Shapiro will continue to meet with local Black businesses and entrepreneurs, listen to their concerns and share his plans to advance economic opportunity for all as Governor.