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September 7, 2022Blog

Influencers for Democracy

If you’re on TikTok and support this campaign, you’ve definitely seen Josh Shapiro on your FYP.

Whether it’s him talking about his stance on reproductive rights or all that he’ll accomplish for Pennsylvania, he’s been making waves online — garnering millions of views, many from young voters.

You might even have seen him dancing with Horace.

Josh on TikTok
We want to share some of what goes on behind the scenes when creating these videos, how it all started, and tell you a little bit about something we’ve just recently launched: Influencers for Democracy.

The idea for Josh Shapiro’s TikTok stemmed from his belief that we have to reach voters where they are — whether it’s on Twitch, Twitter, or Tiktok. It’s the most popular social platform for Gen Z voters, who are engaged and ready to support Josh. But let’s not forget — almost 40% of users are over 35 alone. Voters are looking to TikTok for their news, entertainment, and to connect with their leaders — so we’re going to be there to do it.

During the Big Fights Bus Tour, Team Shapiro launched our account on TikTok — and within 24 hours of posting a video that reached over 100,000 users, we saw thousands of users get in the game by giving @JoshShapiroPA a follow.

And if you’ve been with us from day one, then you’ll remember:

Let’s not forget about the Uncrustables: — which was filmed completely off the cuff. Yes, the Attorney General is a big fan of Uncrustables, and yes, the Big Fights Bus was stocked with them.

Fun fact: many of the concepts you see lining the feed of @JoshShapiroPA are right from the creative vision of our Attorney General, himself — with a little help from Team Shapiro’s digital team every now and then.

From the “Adult Swim” trend ( to the “Emoji Emotion” trend ( — Josh Shapiro has left no stone unturned.

By the way, if you haven’t yet watched some of his videos, visit — then come back and give the rest of this blog post a read!

Of course, there’s too much content to cover in the couple short months of this campaign we have left, so to ensure we’re hitting every trend and topic, we’ve organized an exclusive group of influencers who were ready to get in the game with Team Shapiro: Influencers for Democracy.

This group of activists and content creators are generating concepts to share online with folks from Erie County to Pike County and every in between — and with about 13 million collective followers in total, Influencers for Democracy has reached hundreds of thousands of supporters and voters across Pennsylvania.

Now, that’s an unbeatable force.

Members of Influencers for Democracy share a common vision: a Pennsylvania where all are welcomed, accepted, and able to enjoy their fundamental freedoms — from the right to choose to the right to marry who they love.

And they know Josh Shapiro is the candidate to pursue that vision.

You can help this team reach that vision, too.

Whether you’ve been in the game with us since the beginning, or you’re just getting in the game with us now — have a good laugh and stay involved by supporting us on TikTok: @JoshShapiroPA

We’ll see you online.