ICYMI: Josh Shapiro & Austin Davis Campaign Across Nine Counties in Western Pennsylvania - Shapiro For Governor
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May 15, 2022Press Releases

ICYMI: Josh Shapiro & Austin Davis Campaign Across Nine Counties in Western Pennsylvania


May 15, 2022


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ICYMI: Josh Shapiro & Austin Davis Campaign Across Nine Counties in Western Pennsylvania


PENNSYLVANIA – Ahead of the primary election on Tuesday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and State Representative Austin Davis hit the campaign trail and met with hundreds of supporters across nine counties in Western Pennsylvania – Jefferson, Clarion, Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Allegheny, Somerset, Bedford and Huntingdon counties. At every stop, Shapiro and Davis rallied supporters and talked about their plans to strengthen the economy and lower costs, improve the Commonwealth’s schools, and create more opportunities for Pennsylvania’s working families

Josh and Austin showed up in rural communities that are often overlooked by national Democrats because they know that every community deserves to be represented in Harrisburg. They will continue to share their message of opportunity and freedom with Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike across the Commonwealth. 

Check out some of what Western Pennsylvanians have been seeing and reading about Josh and Austin’s visits below:

Bedford Gazette: Dem candidates visit Bedford

By Heather Koontz, 5/14/22

Rural Pennsylvanians can feel unseen and unheard, but Lt. Gov. candidate Austin Davis said he views himself as a vessel to give people a seat at the table should he prevail at the polls in Tuesday’s primary. […]

“It’s not freedom when they decide what medications you’re allowed to take. It’s not freedom when they decide when you’re allowed to start a family,” Shapiro said, or who can marry whom, or what books your children are allowed to read. […]

Getting money back into the pockets of Pennsylvanians is important, Shapiro said, especially in light of the current economic situation where inflation and supply chain problems are putting the pinch on working families. Shapiro pointed to the 11% cellphone tax he wants to eliminate, as well as a gas tax refund of $250 per vehicle he is in favor of.

WTAJ (CBS Johnstown / Altoona): Josh Shapiro visits Bedford County on campaign trail

By Kelsey Rogers and Jordan Tracy, 5/13/22

BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro (D) visited Bedford County on May 13, with four days left in the primary election. […]

“I am someone who has a long history of showing how to work with Republicans, Independents and Democrats,” Shapiro said. “Bring people together to get big things done…what we need right now in Harrisburg is not more cynicism and division, which is what the other side offers, but actually bringing people together to get things done.”

Huntingdon Daily News: Gov., Lt gov. candidates visit county

By Kylie Hawn, 5/14/22

With just days left until the primary election Tuesday, May 17, Josh Shapiro, current state Attorney General and presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, made a stop in Huntingdon County Friday afternoon at Juniata Brewing Co. in Huntingdon Borough. […]

“Austin Davis and I are running to win an election — yes — but, more importantly, we’re running to try to meet this moment to address that worry, to hear those concerns, do something about them and to make some real change to allow people to achieve this opportunity that I see out there for us,” said Shapiro. […]

“We’ve got to make sure that folks understand that the lynchpins of growing our economy are rural communities,” he said. “I believe this is where Pennsylvania’s prosperity can come from.”

The Meadville Tribune: ​​Candidate for governor Shapiro stumps in Meadville

By  Keith Gushard, 5/13/22

Josh Shapiro got a warm reception from Crawford County Democrats in his bid to become Pennsylvania’s next governor during a midday Thursday campaign stop at the party’s local headquarters in Meadville. […]

“I’m someone they know has taken on big fights and delivered real results,” Shapiro said. “As governor I’ll know how to bring Republicans and Democrats together to get big things done, to protect people’s freedoms and to take Pennsylvania forward.” […]

“I believe in freedom — freedom for a family, for a person to be able to determine how and if and when they want to start a family,” he said. “That’s the kind of basic freedom that rest with the women of Pennsylvania — not with the politicians in Harrisburg.” […]

YourErie.com (ABC / FOX Erie): Josh Shapiro holds campaign stop in Meadville

By Brian Wilk, 5/12/22

(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro was in Meadville on May 12 as he looked to gain potential voters. […]

“Being able to come here and listen to people, hear what is on their mind and understand their frustrations and worries is going to help me be a better governor for them,” said Josh Shapiro, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate.

Sharon Herald: Shapiro, Davis visit Farrell in last week of joint campaign

By Erin Yudt, 5/12/22

FARRELL — With the primary on Tuesday, Democratic governor candidate Josh Shapiro paid a visit Thursday to Farrell’s New Deal Club, the only one left of its kind in the United States, with running mate Austin Davis. […]

“My parents worked extremely hard, just like each and every one of you works hard for your families to give your children the best opportunity possible,” Davis said. “Because of their hard work, I went on to become the first African American to ever win a state legislative district outside of the city of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. That’s something I’m deeply proud of.”

Explore Clarion: Shapiro, Davis Bring PA Governor, Lt. Governor Campaign to Clarion Count

By Ron Wilshire, 5/12/22

Current Pennsylvania Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Shapiro on the Democratic ticket in the primary returned to a packed rally on Wednesday afternoon at the Clarion River Brewing Company on Main Street in Clarion.

Jeffersonian Democrat: SHAPIRO VISITS

By Alex Nelson, 5/12/22

BROOKVILLE — Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro visited Brookville Wednesday on his way through the area leading up to next week’s primary election. Shapiro is running unopposed on the Democratic ticket for Pennsylvania governor. […]

“I think if you’re going to be a public servant, here in Pennsylvania, you have to care about all parts of Pennsylvania. And for me, I’ve always taken on big fights and been able to deliver real results. For folks here in Jefferson County, and across rural swaths of Pennsylvania…I know what we need to do to try and improve lives here. We’ve got to make sure that we can keep access to healthcare, expand broadband. Make sure everybody’s connected to the internet,” Shapiro said. […]

“I am absolutely opposed to tolling the North Fork bridge and the other bridges across Pennsylvania period. We need to invest in infrastructure. We have resources available in our state budget. We have hundreds of millions of dollars that’s coming from the federal government. We need to use those resources in a smart way to repair infrastructure, not by asking motorists to pay more,” Shapiro said.

YourErie.com (ABC / FOX Erie): Erie County Democratic Party holds annual Spring Dinner

By Jennifer Mobilia, 5/11/22

Pennsylvania’s primary election is less than a week away. On Wednesday night some big name Democrats were in Erie for the party’s annual Spring Dinner.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is running unopposed on the Democratic ticket for governor of Pennsylvania, and Lieutenant Governor Candidate Austin Davis, were among those who made campaign stops in Erie on Wednesday. […]

“Help seniors stay in their homes by doubling the property tax rent rebate, and give every single Pennsylvanian with a car a $250 rebate,” said Josh Shapiro, (D), Candidate for Governor.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Democratic hopefuls swing into crucial Erie County days before primary

By Julian Routh, 5/11/22

ERIE, Pa. — Schmoozing with Democratic foot soldiers here in the ballroom of the historic Maennerchor Plaza on Wednesday evening, U.S. Senate candidates John Fetterman and Conor Lamb hoped to tap into the same energy — one final time before next Tuesday’s election — that’s turned into a mantra for longtime party stalwarts: If you win Erie, you win Pennsylvania. […]

“And it starts with trying to take away the freedom of the women of Pennsylvania to make decisions over their own bodies,” Mr. Shapiro said, referencing the Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

TheDerrick.com: Shapiro: Polk closure would be revisited; bridge toll plan wouldn’t be considered

By Randy Bartley, 5/12/22

CLARION — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro said, if elected, he would visit Polk State Center before making any decision on the future of the facility, despite the fact that the current administration of Tom Wolf plans to have it shut down before the end of the year.

“I didn’t have anything to do with the decision to close the center. That was made by the governor,” Shapiro, who is Wolf’s attorney general, told the newspaper after a campaign stop at the Clarion Brewing Co. before about 60 supporters on Wednesday afternoon.