ICYMI: In Philadelphia, Black Leaders Joined Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis to Call Out Doug Mastriano’s Dangerous Extremism - Shapiro For Governor
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September 1, 2022Press Releases

ICYMI: In Philadelphia, Black Leaders Joined Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis to Call Out Doug Mastriano’s Dangerous Extremism


August 2, 2022


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ICYMI: In Philadelphia, Black Leaders Joined Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis to Call Out Doug Mastriano’s Dangerous Extremism

“They want to dress up as Confederate soldiers who were literally fighting to preserve a system where my ancestors were not free. […] Doug Mastriano has shown us time and time again who he really is.”Councilmember Katherine Gilmore-Richardson

“As I see the picture, how can he represent the City of Philadelphia? How can he represent the State of Pennsylvania? […] How can he represent us? Hell no.”Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clark

PENNSYLVANIA – Yesterday in Philadelphia, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and State Representative Austin Davis were joined by Black leaders and elected officials from across the city to denounce Doug Mastriano’s dangerous extremism and call out the threat he poses to our Commonwealth. This press conference on the heels of shocking new reporting that Mastriano wore a Confederate military uniform while a member of the faculty at the U.S. Army War College – choosing deliberately to wear a uniform that represents the defense of slavery.

From his extreme agenda of banning abortion with no exceptions, to his close association with antisemites and racist extremists – Mastriano has spent his campaign alienating Republican leaders and Pennsylvania voters across the Commonwealth.

See more about what Pennsylvanians are seeing and reading about Doug Mastriano’s toxic extremism.

City & State PA: Shapiro, Philly officials blast Mastriano for Confederate uniform faculty photo

By Harrison Cann, 8/31/22

Republican gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Doug Mastriano continues to receive backlash for a 2014 photo in which he wore a Confederate Army uniform at the Army War College in Carlisle. […]

“I don’t think any one of us is shocked that (Mastriano) wore the uniform of traders,” Shapiro said. “This man is dangerous and doesn’t reflect our values.” […]

Davis took the criticism further by calling out his opponent, Republican lieutenant governor candidate state Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso, and her silence on the issue. 

“This wasn’t 30 years ago when (Mastriano) was a kid. This was 2014,” Davis said. “His running mate, Carrie DelRosso, hasn’t said a word. She should condemn him and speak clearly about what is right and wrong.” 

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Mastriano defended wearing a Confederate uniform as Shapiro called him ‘unfit’ to be Pa. governor

By Chris Brennan, 8/31/22

State Sen. Doug Mastriano said this week that criticism of his appearance in a photograph while wearing a Civil War Confederate Army uniform is proof Democrats “have nothing else to run on” as they try to stop the Republican from becoming Pennsylvania governor. […]

Shapiro gathered several elected officials and faith leaders of color Wednesday for a Philadelphia news conference to “call out the dangerous extremism” in Mastriano’s campaign.

“He chose to wear the uniform of traitors, the people who went to battle to defend slavery,” Shapiro said, noting that the Army War College took down the photograph last week and issued a statement that it did not reflect the college’s values. “I’m here today with these fine leaders to say it doesn’t reflect our values either. Nor do I believe it reflects the values of the good people of Pennsylvania.”

State Rep. Austin Davis, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, noted that Mastriano wasn’t appearing as a Civil War battle re-enactor in the faculty photograph. Davis, who is Black, also noted that Mastriano’s district includes Gettysburg, the site of a bloody and decisive 1863 Civil War battle.

“He is a senator from Pennsylvania, that was on the side to abolish slavery,” Davis said. “I think it’s unacceptable for him to wear that uniform. It sends a message to every Black and brown person in this Commonwealth.”

WCAU (NBC Philadelphia): Photo Surfaces of Doug Mastriano in Confederate Uniform


Local leaders in Philadelphia joined Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro on the campaign trail as he called out his opponent Doug Mastriano for wearing a confederate uniform. NBC10’s Lauren Mayk has the latest.