ICYMI: In Johnstown, Josh Shapiro Outlines Top Priorities, Pledges to Defend Pennsylvanians’ Freedom - Shapiro For Governor
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May 27, 2022Press Releases

ICYMI: In Johnstown, Josh Shapiro Outlines Top Priorities, Pledges to Defend Pennsylvanians’ Freedom


May 27, 2022


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ICYMI: In Johnstown, Josh Shapiro Outlines Top Priorities, Pledges to Defend Pennsylvanians’ Freedom


PENNSYLVANIA – Yesterday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro kicked off his general election campaign in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In front of an audience of hundreds, Josh spoke about his priorities for Pennsylvania and contrasted his vision with that of his opponent. 

At the rally, Josh pledged to be a Governor that would show up in communities too often forgotten and shared his plans to cut taxes and lower costs, invest in the Commonwealth’s schools, and ensure that Pennsylvanians are safe in their schools, places of worship, and in every community they belong to. He also emphasized the stakes of the Governor’s race and the dangerous threat his opponent, Doug Mastriano, poses to everyday freedoms in Pennsylvania. 

“He loves to cloak himself in the blanket of freedom,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “It’s not freedom when he says to you, you have to work a full-time job, play by the rules, yet you still can’t make ends meet. That’s not freedom. It’s not freedom when he tells you, you can’t join a union. That is not freedom. It’s not freedom when he tells you what books your children can read. That’s not freedom. And it sure as hell isn’t freedom when he tells you, you can vote, but he’ll pick the winner. That’s not freedom.” 

Mastriano is dangerous and out-of-touch with what the majority of Pennsylvanians want right now. Mastriano has promised to ban abortion without exception and criminalize doctors who perform them, throw out Pennsylvanians’ votes if he doesn’t like the winner, and has stated that same-sex marriage should be outlawed — as Governor, Mastriano will dictate how Pennsylvanians live their lives. 

Josh also highlighted that he will continue to have Pennsylvanians’ backs as Governor, saying, “Standing up to powerful interests is what I’ve done as Attorney General. I’ll continue to make sure you don’t get screwed when I’m your Governor.

As he kicks off the general election, Josh has already built a broad coalition of supporters in every corner of the Commonwealth. Josh will continue to travel throughout Pennsylvania, focusing on the real challenges facing Pennsylvanians and working tirelessly to earn the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. 

Check out some of what Pennsylvanians have been seeing and reading about Josh’s General Election kickoff in Johnstown below:

WJAC (NBC Johnstown): AG Josh Shapiro kicks off campaign for governor in Johnstown

By Nicole Fuschino, 5/26/22

CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WJAC) — Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro spent his Thursday evening in Downtown Johnstown kicking off his campaign for Governor.

“I’ve got a lot of confidence that we’re going to do really well here in Cambria County. I’ve got to put in the work, our campaign has to put in the work, and it starts here tonight,” he told 6 News in an interview. […]

“It’s taught me to be an executive. Politicians just talk. As Attorney General, we’ve taken on big fights and delivered real results,” Shapiro told 6 News. […]

“I’ll be a strong defender of Second Amendment rights, and a strong defender of making sure law-abiding citizens have the ability to bear arms. But we must make sure that those who are criminals — those who shouldn’t have access to guns — can’t get them,” Shapiro told 6 News. […]

Shapiro also commented on his opponent, Doug Mastriano, who won the Primary Election for Governor on the Republican side.

“He’s put forth no plan to improve our schools. No plan to grow our economy. No meaningful plan to create safe communities,” Shapiro said during his speech.

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: WATCH VIDEO | Shapiro begins gubernatorial push in Johnstown

By Russ O’Reilly, 5/26/22

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. – The Democratic Party’s candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, campaigned in Johnstown on Thursday evening. […]

“I’ve seen too many communities ignored,” he said. “Too many forgotten. Too many people left out.” […]

“We have got to make sure every single one of our kids gets to live in safety and security in all of their communities,” he said. […]

“Lori and I have four children,” he said. “We don’t want to worry when we send our kids to school; I don’t want you to worry when you send your kids to school. …

“We will make sure every community in Pennsylvania has the safety and security that you deserve. I promise you that.” […]

“We’ve got to make sure we close loopholes that exist in gun laws to allow criminals and those who shouldn’t possess weapons the opportunity to get them,” he said. “Look, I’ll be a strong defender of Second Amendment rights, a strong defender of making sure law-abiding citizens have the ability to bear arms. We must make sure those who are criminals, those who shouldn’t have access to them, can’t get them. So we have to have universal background checks, and we have to close the ‘ghost gun’ loophole.”

WTAJ (CBS Johnstown / Altoona): Shapiro marks beginning of general election campaign in Johnstown

By Rian Bossler, 5/26/22

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate John Shapiro visited Johnstown Thursday to kick off his General Election Campaign. […]

“We really feel Attorney General Shapiro will also find that funding that we need to bring our schools back into safety, our police officers, our support systems, our mental health systems and all the things that are lacking out there so we can all in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States feel safe again sending our kids to school and going out and shopping,” Mayor Janakovic said. […]

“When you hire more police officers, that’s an opportunity for that police officer to get out of the patrol car and walk the streets and see the humanity in our children and know their names and listen to the people who really run the neighborhoods,” Shapiro said. “That is a critical thing that government must do, that is keeping people safe.” […]

“We will rise up together, we will meet this moment, we will do our part, we will meet our responsibility, we will win an election and we will have brighter days tomorrow,” Shapiro said before thanking the crowd and walking off the stage.

The 48-year-old visited 19 counties across the state two weeks before the Primary Election. He was last in Central Pennsylvania on May 13 when he campaigned in Bedford County alongside Lieutenant Governor candidate Austin Davis.